DELFI - R2 Ceramic Vanity Sink

  • DELFI - R2 Ceramic Vanity Sink

DELFI - R2 Ceramic Vanity Sink

  • GlacierShine™ white glaze gloss finish
  • Fireclay Ceramic
  • Overall: 19" x 14-1/4" x 5"
  • Minimum Cabinet Width: 20-1/2"

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GlacierShine™ Coating

A proprietary coating that not only offers stain and light protection but also strengthens the structure of the vanity sink.

Wide-range Applications

The DELFI series vanity sinks were designed with you in mind. It will easily blend into any bathroom space whether it is contemporary or classic.

Superior Durability

The fireclay china sink structure is fired at 1500⁰C to ensure the glaze reaches vitrification, which will offer superior rigidity and longevity.

Contemporary Design With Superior Functionality

The DELFI series vanity sinks are inspired by the latest design trends in Europe and North America. Combining functionality, ergonomics, and durability, it offers flexibility between contemporary and classic designs, making it suitable for any bathroom vanity layout.

Its gentle curves is amiable and functional. Its nonconforming basin maximizes your reach and rinse area.

The flawless GlacierShine™ glaze finish available with DELFI series vanity sinks uses the latest coating adherence techniques to thoroughly cover the sink surface and evenly distributes the protective layer to strengthen the sink. It ensures that your sink is more rigid and durable, with exceptional light protection.


Overall: 18-1/2" x 15-1/4" x 8"

Minimum Cabinet Width: 20"

GlacierShine™ glaze finish

1 3/4" Drain Opening

Limited Lifetime Warranty